30 rock // liz lemon is my homegirl

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30 Rock Original Television Soundtrack - Jeff Richmond

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First person to download, please let me know if it works.

Comments are greatly appreciated since I bought this and converted it for all of you lovely people :)


30 Rock Opening - Jane Krakowski (East coast)
30 Rock Opening - Cheyenne Jackson (West coast)

Enjoy :)

fringe // peter & olivia

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Fringe Season 1 - Original Television Soundtrack

Michael Giacchino, Chad Seiter, Chris Tilton

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SOMEBODY NEEDS TO DOWNLOAD AND TEST THIS - this is my first time trying to make .mp3's from purchased music on iTunes. Hopefully it works - if not, I'll have to start over again *mumble grumble*

All the tracks *say* .mp3 so this should work perfectly.

ETA: it works! :D

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Just a little public post to say that a lot of people have friended me lately, and if you want me to add you back please leave a note on my friends only post!

I don't bite, and I love meeting/having new friends - but I just want to know who you are and how you found me before I add you. I hope this isn't bitchy or anything - I just like to know who people are before I add them.

And for my flist, sorry you have to see this post. HERE HAVE A GIF: